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Lady Rocket Foundation is active both domestically and internationally 

  • Space Outreach and Education

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Space Economy and Cultural Development


The name Lady Rocket Foundation was selected to attract, encourage, and inspire women, and minorities to space-relevant industries – including seeing themselves as founders, investors, and CEOs of new space ventures with equity ownership positions. 

Lady Rocket Foundation has been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity.

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Lady Rocket Foundation’s mission is to ignite a passion for space through innovation in entrepreneurship development, education, arts, media, and space-related research.

To make space more relevant on earth by championing and initiating space innovations that improve our lives and humanity on Earth before we occupy space.

Founder Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket, is a successful U.S. and international entrepreneur and innovative contributor to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and international youth. Co-founder Susan Coupland, a high school business and computer science teacher and entrepreneur, created the CASH Business Academy which focused on entrepreneurship. Grant Blaisdell, son of Eva Blaisdell, is an internationally known Fin Tech speaker and musician/artist. He is a co-founder of Coinfirm, a top Blockchain and FinTech company. The Founders met during the initial development of the California Space Center. In 2015 they began partnering to mentor high school students; in 2017, added college students and have since expanded their sphere of influence to include youth space outreach and education along with advancement of the space ecosystem in the U.S. and Europe.


of Lady Rocket Foundation

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LADY ROCKET (Eva Blaisdell)

Founder of Lady Rocket Foundation

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Lady Rocket: Eva Blaisdell is a 3rd generation Space maverick, who brings her vision, resources, and entrepreneurial experience from technology, real estate, Art, Fashion, and Media to change the lives of the young generations on Earth and in Space.

She aspires to put the Human Face on the Space Industry by harnessing its incredible wealth, innovation, and potential of Space, and refocus it on solving major challenges on Earth, including access to the Space economy for all, climate change, and creating rapid development of communities by providing them unique access to Lady Rocket Foundation resources.

She is focused on bringing Art, and Music, Fashion as a connector to the Space world. She engages in diverse activities involving NASA, sponsors events, and produces TV shows. She is accredited with NASA, Space X, Oscars, and through her Media, She is the integrator of a new way of using Space as the human domain. In 2015 she won the most significant government bid for the California Space Center land near Vandenberg AFB in California to develop the Integrated Space Innovation, Space entrepreneur, Space Resort, and Space entertainment site. She then dedicated her passion, resources, innovation to establish a philanthropic program integrating her personal skill and broad relationship in Space, entertainment, art, and fashion to create programs to integrate Space with the lives of the nearby City of Lompoc community. She was joined in this quest by local educator and community leader Susan Coupland, Grant Blaisdell, entrepreneur, Nancy Mahler, philanthropy Lompoc, although located next to the prominent rocket launch site, Lompoc youth has been isolated from Space opportunities to grow their dreams and education. Lady Rocket, together with the co-founders of the Foundation, created unprecedented programs to change it. During the last few years, Lady Rocket Foundation created funded as diverse activities as a local and international media platform for education and collaboration between Lompoc and global youth.

Lady Rocket is an experienced former senior executive from Silicon Valley. She was also a CEO of HP, Compaq Europe -Poland, and founder of prominent media and platform start-ups.

She uses her passion and innovation, and unprecedented Space resources to make Art and Artist a prominent part of Space and blockchain universe, including Lady Rocket’s NFTs. Her signature investments in art and Space include unprecedented Art exhibits she created and produced during the actual launch of the SpaceX rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force base, featuring her collection of Space Mistral art by Pawel Szanajca. Legendary Mars Atlas V rocket launch was transformed by lady Rocket into a young artist event where the Hispanic community of Loompa created Mars art late introduced to US corporation. Her family has been engaged in art and its collection for over 100 years while losing its art collection to the Soviets

She is now leading the way by creating the gap between the world of Space and Technology and Art, Music, and Fashion and brings them together in the most innovative ways. This includes, for example, her role as an Entrepreneur and Investor estate.




Co-Founder at Coinfirm and

Copernic Space

  • GB Savant
  • GB Savant
  • Grant Blaisdell
  • Grant Blaisdell
  • Grant Blaisdell


Co-Founder/Chief Financial Officer at Lady Rocket Foundation

  • Susan Copland
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Grant has been creating ventures at the intersection of new technologies between the US and Europe since his late teens. An early innovator in applying blockchain technology to various industries, the companies Grant has co-founded include the leading Blockchain Analytics and AML company, Confirm, and the platform for digital Space assets and companies, Copernic Space. The 3rd generation in his family to be involved in space and the arts, Grant is also the President of the Lady Rocket Foundation and the music artist known as GB Savant.


Co-Founder/Chief Financial Officer at Lady Rocket Foundation


Susan Coupland is an award winning, grant writing, veteran educator with 24 years in California’s public K-12 system, has 10 years’ experience as an accountant and 30 years as a business owner and property manager.

Susan developed and implemented the Lady Rocket Space Inspiration Program in which NASA curriculum was modified and used to inspire children to consider future space-related careers not only in science but also art, music, media and entertainment. She focuses on creative hands-on methods to motivate and capture student interest.

Partnering students in Lompoc California with others from Ukmergė, Lithuania, Susan enabled children from both nations to work through the curriculum, sharing their outcomes with each other. She is now expanding the program to embrace several additional European countries along with American youth.

Susan has been critical in the growth of California Space Center, as she organizes community meetings and launch activities, engages with the youth and promotes the California Space Center and Lady Rocket Foundation and meets with leaders internationally to promote and expand global collaboration and partnerships.



Kamal Singh

  • Kamal SIngh

New Delhi, India

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Igor Bobek

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Zagreb, Croatia


Rolandas Janickas

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Ukmerge, Lithuania 

Image by Michelle Spollen

Michelle Skayy

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Oklahoma, Tulsa,
Oklahoma, USA

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Derrick Smith

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13 Black Townships

Derrick Smith BIO

Please meet Derik, a prominent black leader, Artist, and educator who will work with us on taking Cosmeeters program to his communities in 13 Black townships, Oklahoma, starting with Tatum.

We will support the economic and educational revival of these historically prominent Black towns in need of after-school programs and encouragement. Be for the Future

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