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Both companies are offering companies and individuals the chance to buy space on a lunar lander in the form of nonfungible tokens.

Copernic Space and Lunar Outpost are set to launch a public sale for tokenized payload space in a lunar lander headed for the moon in Q4 2022.

According to an announcement issued on Wednesday, the blockchain space outfit Copernic Space and space robotics company Lunar Outpost will sell the payload space aboard the craft in the form of nonfungible tokens or NFTs.

Corporate and retail buyers will be able to buy, fractionalize and resell payload space NFTs on Lunar Outpost’s M1 MAPP rover.

Ownership of the NFT will reportedly confer ownership of the payload space within the lander denominated in kilograms (kg).

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Copernic Space co-founder and CEO Grant Blaisdell said that the sale will cover 3.5kg of available payload space with an initial sale price of $4.25 million per kg.

According to Blaisdell, the right to use the payload space will require at least a 100g purchase. However, the Copernic Space CEO revealed that smaller purchases were possible, stating:

“They can purchase much smaller and divided amounts whether it be 10g or 1/10th of a gram. I mean the unique rarity of owning a portion of a permanently limited asset that sits on the moon is literally out there but the internal rarity comes out of the specific application of the space itself, if your payload space has an actual payload, any related NFT will have an additional layer of uniqueness compared to those that don't.”

Blaisdell also commented on the possibility of fractionalizing the payload space NFT into smaller pieces as a way of making the asset even more affordable for prospective buyers. Indeed, Blaisdell told Cointelegraph that the fractional NFT model will be applied to other space assets, including rovers and satellites.

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According to the announcement, Copernic Space and Lunar Outpost plan to release other NFTs that will offer more access to the rover after landing on the moon.

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, fractionalized NFT projects have been gathering steam over the past few months, seemingly lowering the barrier for owning popular nonfungible token assets.

However, some regulators say fractional NFTs may constitute investment contracts, which makes them securities.

Lady Rocket Foundation expands plans in India.

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti's nomination for the US Ambassador to India provides an opportunity to support further our plan to establish Entrepreneurship, Space Inspiration, and Art initiative in New Delhi.

When I launched Lady Rocket Foundation, my goal included creating a unique program that blends my experience as a Space Entrepreneur, creator of new ventures, fashion creator, economist to help bring benefits of Space to our communities in a unique way in the US and Internationally This also includes Copernic Space, a unique platform to democratize the Space and Space economy.

My goal always included India. Its tradition, history, accomplishments in science and Space are represented by Vikram Sarabhai, its culture, diverse society, Bollywood. create especially synergy with my town Los Angeles. India is a natural Space partner for the US.

Kamal's presence and growing role in our activities in the US and India creates a special reason to take the next step.

Mayor Garcetti has been active and contributory to the Entrepreneurial community of Los Angeles. And his recent nomination for the US Ambassador in India creates a unique opportunity to introduce to him our plans, ad Space initiatives between New Delhi and India.

While also point out that Lady Rocket Foundation already established a track record of working with the US Los Angeles – New Delhi Embassies. I participated in many of his meetings and initiatives. Recently, since Corona 19 lessened in Los Angeles. I took part in some of the new sessions. My recent meeting in Pledge LA organized by Mayor Garcetti is perfectly timed for my completion of LA - New Delhi Lady Rocket plans.

They will start with the implementation of our Cosmeeters program, and the launch of our US- India Space News and Media.

New Space philanthropy will benefit “Saving the Survivors” in South Africa and show how can Space help Earth.

Malibu, CA & Toronto, Canada, July 15th, 2021 – Exodus Orbitals Inc. is pleased to announce the partnership with the Lady Rocket Foundation to apply satellite technology and NFTs to better protect African wildlife against poaching and climate change. Improved satellite imagery and data stand to significantly improve the protection of the hundreds of thousands of endangered animals at risk by poaching and climate change each year. For the partnership and the Exodus Orbitals space-on-demand satellite mission to be launched in 2022, NFTs will be used to acquire and access observation activities for specific areas of concern through a partnership with Copernic Space.

As a part of the venture, financing will go towards developing dedicated satellite solutions with Exodus Orbitals and other space companies to help organizations better fight poaching and provide emergency medical care to endangered animals. Lady Rocket and her Foundation most recently innovated in the field of applying NFTs to explore alternative financing sources for humanitarian and space-related initiatives through the collaboration with Saving The Survivors on the Satellite Rhino NFT series.

“As a 3rd generation aerospace entrepreneur, I am compelled and committed to create and drive new ventures and initiatives which will transform Space into the most rewarding human endeavor yet, while also offering solutions to challenges and tragedies taking place on Earth right now.” - Lady Rocket, Co-Founder of the Lady Rocket Foundation

Exodus Orbital’s mission is to make space exploration accessible to everyone through their “satellite-as-a-service” virtualization platform, to be deployed on a variety of satellites. Following the pattern of web and smartphone app markets, software applications in space will become a new area of exponential growth. “By partnering with Copernic Space and Lady Rocket Foundation we can push the space industry into the next chapter of openness and accessibility” in the words of Dennis Silin, CEO and founder of Exodus Orbitals.

Exodus Orbitals and Copernic Space have been working together on tokenizing licenses to their solution and making it available to the wider global market on the Copernic Space platform. The upcoming launch of the web3.0 platform will scale and streamline the commercial processes behind the space asset market and allow for related ventures to receive financial backing from the global public. In the case of Exodus Orbitals and this initiative, Copernic Space will allow users to easily acquire and access a Satellite Ride-sharing API license through an NFT that allows them to request Exodus Orbitals to take specified images from the satellite.

The combination of Exodus Orbitals, the Lady Rocket Foundation, and Copernic Space in this mission sets a new precedence for the space economy in democratizing and making space assets more readily available to the benefit of people and animals around the world.

About Exodus Orbitals Inc.

Exodus Orbitals specializes in developing satellite virtualization solutions, allowing access to observation and processing capabilities in space through a seamless, hardware- and vendor-independent “satellite-as-a-service” business model, suitable for multiple mission types in LEO and beyond. This technology has been space-qualified through participation in the European Space Agency’s OPS-SAT mission – a “software laboratory in space” satellite, a first of its kind.

About Lady Rocket Foundation

Lady Rocket Foundation’s mission is to ​make space more relevant on earth by championing and initiating space innovations that improve humanity on Earth before we occupy space. Created to inspire women and minorities to see themselves as founders of new space ventures, the Foundation has created a series of youth, community, and entrepreneurship initiatives around the world and uses its team's 50+ years of entrepreneurship and senior management experience in the education, media, technology, and space to bring extensive knowledge and partners to the table. Lady Rocket Foundation has been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity.

About Copernic Space

Where people get their space, Copernic Space democratizes access to space assets. From payload space to venture tokens, Copernic Space is the platform to acquire, access, and manage all your space assets in one place. By enabling access to space assets and ventures using blockchain technology, Copernic Space will unlock the benefits of the space economy for countless people on earth while providing space ventures the capability to better commercialize their assets and attain financing.

Media Contacts:

Exodus Orbitals Inc.

Dennis Silin

+1 647-574-5047

Copernic Space

Grant Blaisdell +48 790771807

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