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Updated: Apr 29, 2021



"Space with a human face" is a call to action to the Space industry to increase its relevance and focus on helping “Make Earth a better place before we send humans to Mars”. - This is the message Lady Rocket sent to coincide with the ULA rocket launched from Vandenberg AFB on April 26, 2021.

Through her Lady Rocket Foundation, the enigmatic space commerce pioneer and entrepreneur, and her team have worked tirelessly to deliver her humanitarian breakthrough concepts for fixing what has been neglected on our planet as we embrace the opportunities and the challenges of space exploration. Lady Rocket and her Lady Rocket Foundation team have chosen to send her latest message during a ULA rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB - Lompoc CA. Beneficiary - Saving the Survivors, an organization of Veterinarians, saving the lives of poached animals in Africa!

“As a 3rd generation space entrepreneur, I am compelled and committed to create and drive new ventures and initiatives which will transform Space into the most rewarding human endeavor yet, while also offering solutions to challenges and tragedies taking place on Earth right now. Our Lady Rocket Foundation team has been working hard on impactful initiatives.”

Today we introduce one of them. The name will be selected from suggestions we will ask for, but today we can call it “Save African Animals Satellites” to respond to Dr. Johan and his Saving the Survivors team in Southern Africa, who have requested assistance to develop a better satellite-based tracking system to help monitor and locate in real-time, poached and wounded rhinos, elephants and lions. So they can rush to save their precious lives and limit suffering, or indeed through this technology, prevent these horrendous poaching incidents from happening in the first place and saving endangered lives! This is the humanitarian mission - “I want to recognize and boldly ask my Space industry and its leaders like ULA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Boeing and others to step in with their resources and expertise to work with us!”

Lady Rocket is looking for a commitment to provide free satellite launches for the humanitarian equipment, and in the case of Elon Musk - a priority for providing our satellite company and Saving the Survivors team with his SpaceX constellation fast internet service to increase the data on human and animal communication.

“I have looked for relevant satellite technologies, and passionate CEOs of companies who can undertake the challenge of my platform, while using our original start-up Zuma - and its design to look for, and trace fires in California- Malibu, and other locations.”

Lady Rocket speaks confidently about the ever-growing hope for big new ideas like hers. What is needed now is commitment, both financial and technological.

“I am very pleased with the proposal and ready to undertake the immediate satellite development” - said Dr. Giulio Manzoni, of Microspace.

About The Lady Rocket Foundation

Lady Rocket Foundation’s mission is to ignite a passion for space through innovation in entrepreneurship development, education, arts, media, and space-related research. It applies innovative initiatives to attract, encourage, and inspire women, and minorities to space-relevant industries – including seeing themselves as founders, investors, and CEOs of new space ventures with equity ownership positions. LRF is making space more relevant on earth by championing and initiating space innovations that improve our lives and humanity on Earth before we occupy space. Lady Rocket Foundation has been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a

public charity.

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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Organized by iconic Los Angeles County Museum of Art with Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, and Michael Govan, Director of LACMA.

Lady Rocket is an active and innovative member of the Los Angeles Art community, sponsoring the integration of Space and Art, while also creating and producing independent Art and Fashion events as inspiration to increase interest and engagement in Space under the mantle of Lady Rocket Foundation, she dedicated herself to:

"Let's be better on Earth before landing on Mars."

After the coronavirus interruption, she celebrated the reopening of LACMA with a memorable event introducing her Art and Space NFTs with Julia Curylo's art. Lady Rocket's NFT plan is to provide LACMA and Lady Rocket Foundation with funding to take Art to the Hispanic and Black communities to inspire youth to discover their talents and interest in Space.

Join LACMA with Lady Rocket

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, invited Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket, to join him in the inaugural event and workshop addressing Los Angeles women leaders in STEM.

Lady Rocket, aka Eva Blaisdell, has championed access to STEM among the Hispanic and Black communities, and women by introducing them to Space and STEM through her innovative Art, Music, and Fashion events. Events include her appearances as Lady Rocket expressing STEM to inspire and encourage women and make it relevant to their dreams. She is paying particular attention to the Lompoc, CA community, which, although next to Vandenberg AFB, lacks ongoing community resources and STEM initiatives. Together with Susan Coupland, a Lompoc educator, the programs integrate participation in ULA, and SpaceX rocket launches, benefitting from elements of Lady Rocket entertainment and Los Angeles celebrity visits to ignite a passion for Space and Science! Lady Rocket Foundation takes principles of the US STEM program and introduces it in countries like Poland, Lithuania, France using her STEM, Inspiration, ART educational platform Cosmeeters. Lady Rocket STEM "Astro Chic" is bringing to STEM new women, frequently left behind.

Women in STEM & Negotiation Workshop

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