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Danuta Rothschild

Artist, Art Teacher

Academy of Arts, Warsaw, Poland 1969 to 1971
Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA 1989 to 1991


  • Danuta Rothschild
  • Danuta Rothschild
  • Danuta Rothschild
  • Danuta Rothschild

Danuta’s works were shown in Lady Rocket NFT's, museums in, Poland, France, Bosnia, and the United States. A prizewinner of the Los Angeles World Contemporary Art International, Danuta participated in numerous shows in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Barbara, and Laguna Beach galleries, appeared on TV shows in France and Poland, and was featured in several articles in magazines and daily press. Danuta’s paintings are reproduced in about a dozen different art books, and her works are collected by prestigious private collectors and institutions all over the world.

Danuta's Art Gallery

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