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Space Outreach

The Foundation has participated in educational programs and organized a series of youth, community, and promotional events in California, Poland, and Lithuania. This has led to the creation of support teams and volunteers, increasing our Foundation capabilities far beyond the previous revenue limitations. 

Our Cosmeeters platform is currently being expanded to include increased access to youth beyond the initial classrooms to further the dissemination of our Space Inspiration Program, as well as becoming an additional platform for our space-inspired videos, TV programs, and Foundation information.

Lompoc youth and young adults have been hosted for fashion shows and women entrepreneur events in Los Angeles as well as entrepreneurship motivational meetings in Lompoc.

Our near-term plans include using and/or creating a TV Media studio in Lompoc where students can be trained to film, edit, and produce rocket launch videos, inspirational space messages, and other films. 

The Foundation is pursuing a partnership with Space is More, a private Polish science/technology business venture, with plans to offer space camps located in Poland and the U.S. However, these plans will be postponed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.


Space Careers Training Program:


we have some trainers lined up and have made initial contact with Vandenberg Air Force Base, its civilian partners, and secondary educational institutions to coordinate paid training and internships in cybersecurity and blockchain in order to prepare a local workforce for in-demand careers on base.

Space Inspiration Program: 


Boys & Girls Club members and elementary school students in Lompoc, CA and Ukmerge, Lithuania complete modified NASA/JPL activities, sharing their outcomes. Our Foundation and the Kosakovskiu Institutes in Lithuania received a grant from the US Embassy in Lithuania to expand the program, including the creation of - a social media platform to share participant space activities. Next, we plan to include students in Poland, Norway, France, and Brazil.

Space-relevant events:


NASA Insight Mars Mission Launch Celebration for the B&G Club of Lompoc, CA. It included space and entrepreneurship activities as well as special guests. We also hosted a celebration to watch the Insight Mission landing on Mars.

The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing was celebrated with youth in the greater Los Angeles area. In Woodland Hills, CA youth and their parents have created videos, artwork and participated in inspirational meetings with entrepreneurs.

Lompoc B&G Club - Fashion Design project, Hip Hop Workshop in Malibu, and Teen Late Night featuring a DJ and Artist Manager are space-related music and fashion events along with multiple guest speakers from Harlem and Los Angeles we have organized/supported.

These educational and outreach activities all draw the participants into a greater understanding that space-relevance is all around us and increases their interest and passion for space.

Program activities have been paid for by donations from the Board of Directors and a grant from the US Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania through Kosakovskiu Institutes, in-kind support from other contributors. We plan to apply for additional grant funds and seek individual and corporate donations and sponsorships.

Image by Larm Rmah





The Cosmeeters platform originated for the international Space Inspiration Program created by Lady Rocket Foundation (USA) through the partnership of Kosakovskiu Institutes (Lithuania) and partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cosmeeters Program was developed  and  founded by  Lady Rocket Foundation team , using NASA JPL educational materials ,and Susan Coupland’s significant educational experience. Program was launched in Lompoc, CA, next to the Vandenberg Space Base, and  rocket launch activities , and where  lady Rocket planned to build California Space Center. We also travelled to  Poland, and Lithuania to launch Cosmeeters there and engage US and Lithuania’s  “ future Mars Astronauts” in shared  Mars educational and inspiration program. US Embassy  in Lithuania stepped in with support for implementation of the program in Ukmerge schools. We are now expanding  the program and established Cosmeeters activities in Poland,  Croatia, and other countries   We want  to  provide unprecedented  Space outreach with Mars  Inspiration knowledge, resources  and activities to communities  not included in Space programs  ,with no  direct r access to Space organizations  and no budget  for  Space inspiration programs.  We want to provide young generation with Space inspiration and  Space entrepreneurship  knowledge.


Our three focus points are:

Space Outreach and Education
Entrepreneurship Development
Space Economy and Cultural Development

The Space Inspiration Program is part of our outreach program, that started in 2018 between American and Lithuanian students. Lady Rocket Foundation has modified NASA/JPL Mars curriculum for use in our program, which focuses on engaging hands-on activities that are fun and educational.

We received funding from the US Embassy in Lithuania, during the 2019-2020 school year to help fund the program in Lithuania. In 2020, we converted many of the Space Inspiration Program lessons for students and their families to use at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, since most schools moved to virtual lessons.

Now that schools are set to open again this fall, we are reaching out to potential partners to broaden the impact of the program to include students from additional countries. We plan to start the program in October 2021 with students in the US (Lompoc, CA), Croatia, and potentially Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The program is usually about 6 weeks in length, with students and teachers participating in an one-hour activity each week. The activities can be done during the school day or in an after-school setting.

The lessons can be modified for a range of age groups. So far, we have worked with students ages 6-11, although there are many more advanced lessons available for older students. We try to match international classrooms with American classrooms of a similar age group. The American students live in Lompoc, California, which is next to Vandenberg Space Force Base, which launches satellites and other payloads from its multiple space launch complexes.

As mentioned earlier, Lady Rocket Foundation has worked with the US Embassy in Lithuania with our Space Inspiration Program. In Lithuania, the grant application went through our Lithuanian partner, Kosakovskiu Institutes. Lady Rocket Foundation is now registered on with our own DUNS number, so we are ready to partner directly an US Embassy or other governmental agencies


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Entrepreneurship Development

Lady Rocket With 35+ years of entrepreneurship and senior management experience from Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Munich, Warsaw create interactive and inspiring Space entrepreneurship happing and online Educational programs to empower diversity and space opportunities for young generation. In particular Lady Rocket Created several Space entrepreneurship events in Lompoc, CA near Vendanberg Space Base, together with Ms. Susan Coupland, local educator, co-founder of Lady Rocket Foundation.

Lady Rocket also collaborates and supports established Space entrepreneurs, forming new space venture and virtual space incubator with the plan to use Vendanberg Space Base for Future commercialization.

NASA recently announced their Artemis initiative to motivate, encourage, and engage women in diverse aspects of the return to the Moon. In addition to women astronauts, NASA is asking for engagement in all aspects of their quest. Our Foundation is well-suited and responding to this call to action by planning and executing our own Artemis Program which will include interaction and collaboration with universities, like USC, on the development of educational and entrepreneurship programs. The integration of fashion and music will inspire the expanding level of contribution women can make to this mission.

Our Artemis Program will seek funding to expand and formalize these initiatives, transforming them into on-going programs. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of content and video materials for our Lady Rocket TV programs, YouTube Channels, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) while being able to expand our message and engagement internationally, especially, in Lithuania, Poland, Norway, and France.

Lady Rocket Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiatives Program will assist women, minorities, and others to have equity positions in their own space ventures. CEO Eva Blaisdell has been attending workshops, industry and cultural events throughout Los Angeles County encouraging women and informing them that the emerging space industry is open for equal opportunity.

We have mentored high school and college students in entrepreneurship in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties. We have judged collegiate and high school business plan competitions, and mentored students.

Foundation President Grant Blaisdell mentors youth including the Antek Rozpy Laczin scouts in Warsaw in entrepreneurship, music, and blockchain technologies. Under his tutelage, the youth started an online streetwear store.

These and additional entrepreneurship activities teach the participants that equity ownership is a valuable means to controlling your future and that there can be a space-relevance in most industries.

All program activities have been paid for by the Board of Directors, and in-kind contributions. We plan to fund future activities through equity ownership in the start-ups launched through our program in addition to grant funds and individual and corporate donations and sponsorships.


Space Economy

One of the key outcomes in starting the Foundation was to impact economic development in the communities in which the Foundation is active. On behalf of the Foundation’s communities and constituency, we will interact with leading government and scientific institutions to give voice and input into policies, regulations, and priorities regarding the space program developed by government and military organizations with the participation of private space businesses.  As an example, the Foundation recently held a community meeting in which we encouraged the people to contact the Department of Defense to select Vandenberg Air Force Base (one of six contenders) as the Space Force Command Headquarters. This would greatly increase the local economic outlook by assisting in the development of complementary space activities in the surrounding area.

Participation in space initiatives under NASA, UCLA, and other public and private organizations, are a priority. Under our entrepreneurship development program, local communities will benefit from the promotion, development, and utilization of NASA intellectual properties in space start-ups through commercialization. Our knowledge and keen understanding of corporations and individuals across multiple industries – space, technology, media, and entertainment – will enable us to successfully support these startups. NASA, our national space program, and the Department of Defense could also be beneficiaries from the startups.

Lady Rocket created trend and sponsorship for Space-related Art to expand how we define Space Culture and Economy

The development and implementation of new innovative methods of philanthropy and fundraising are crucial to boost interest and support for the broadening and re-emerging space program. The Foundation will employ accepting cryptocurrency donations as a new and exciting fundraising strategy. Media and public and private events, like concerts and films, will also be used both to fund and accomplish our mission of advancing the space ecosystem. In addition, the local communities and counties will benefit from increased tourism and investments from space events.


The Foundation will bring the attention of external investors into the local communities by launching TV programs, inviting people of influence to the communities, and providing local activities and events.

The mentoring of young adults in entrepreneurship, as well as opportunities for the development of the professional skills needed for meaningful jobs in space, fashion, and media, will accomplish economic and cultural benefit for our local communities, nationally, globally, and most importantly, for the individuals themselves.

Promotion, funds acquisition, and relationship building have included participation in events in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Lithuania, and Poland. These opportunities open doors to promote our Foundation mission and increase exposure to potential donors and supporters.

We continue to attend NASA training and media events to help stay abreast of space news and activities and to learn how we can assist in the furtherance of our national space program.

The Foundation has already developed plans and relationships to create Lady Rocket Space Concerts integrating Vandenberg Air Force Base rocket launches and events, assisting in the economic development of complementary space activities in the surrounding area.

The Foundation has been collaborating with producers of Clout - new influential music and fashion festival in Poland scheduled for July 15-16, 2020.

Unfortunately, this US-Poland concert for Sustainability on Planet Earth and Space will probably be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lady Rocket Foundation produces two half-hour cable TV programs each month. Space News and Entertainment and Lady Rocket Foundation Presents.

These and additional economic and cultural activities are designed to create a greater passion and awareness of how space is becoming more relevant in our lives and how our future can be improved through the proper development of our space ecosystem.

These program activities have been paid for by the Board of Directors, an international donor, and in-kind contributions. Grant funds, individual and corporate donations and sponsorships are anticipated to fund future activities.

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