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With 50+ years of entrepreneurship and senior management experience in the education, media, technology, and space industries the founders are bringing their own extensive knowledge and their relevant industry partners to the table.

NASA recently announced their Artemis initiative to motivate, encourage, and engage women in diverse aspects of the return to the Moon. In addition to women astronauts, NASA is asking for engagement in all aspects of their quest. Our Foundation is well-suited and responding to this call to action by planning and executing our own Artemis Program which will include interaction and collaboration with universities, like USC, on the development of educational and entrepreneurship programs. The integration of fashion and music will inspire the expanding level of contribution women can make to this mission.

Our Artemis Program will seek funding to expand and formalize these initiatives, transforming them into on-going programs. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of content and video materials for our Lady Rocket TV programs, YouTube Channels, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) while being able to expand our message and engagement internationally, especially, in Lithuania, Poland, Norway, and France.

Lady Rocket Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiatives Program will assist women, minorities, and others to have equity positions in their own space ventures. CEO Eva Blaisdell has been attending workshops, industry and cultural events throughout Los Angeles County encouraging women and informing them that the emerging space industry is open for equal opportunity.

We have mentored high school and college students in entrepreneurship in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties. We have judged collegiate and high school business plan competitions, and mentored students.

Foundation President Grant Blaisdell mentors youth including the Antek Rozpy Laczin scouts in Warsaw in entrepreneurship, music, and blockchain technologies. Under his tutelage, the youth started an online streetwear store.

These and additional entrepreneurship activities teach the participants that equity ownership is a valuable means to controlling your future and that there can be a space-relevance in most industries.

All program activities have been paid for by the Board of Directors, and in-kind contributions. We plan to fund future activities through equity ownership in the start-ups launched through our program in addition to grant funds and individual and corporate donations and sponsorships.

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