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Lady Rocket "Satellite Rhino I" NFT for Saving the Survivors

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

By Lady Rocket

Check on Super Rare:

Satellite Rhino I

"Satellite Rhino I" is the leading work in an NFT series created by Sam Price, under a larger initiative spearheaded by the visionary Lady Rocket and her Foundation, to support Saving the Survivors and their mission to rescue poached wildlife. Buying one or more of these works is not only a direct contribution to a virtuous organization, but also benefits the development of the world’s first Wildlife Recovery and Rehabilitation Hospital in Africa. Additionally, investors in our NFTs fund the advancement of a parallel space venture. Bolstering the objectives of Saving the Survivors, Lady Rocket Foundation is developing satellite infrastructure that enables more efficient tracking of wounded animals in real time. Launched during Miami’s “Bitcoin 2021," with further promotional events to follow in Los Angeles, London, South Africa, and "in space." The winner of the auction for Satellite Rhino I will be invited to a special Lady Rocket event at the future site of her California Space Center. The event will coincide with a SpaceX rocket launch at the iconic Vandenberg Space Base near Los Angeles, CA. Learn more about the leaders of our campaign:

We are so excited to announce an offering that is an innovation is NFT’s, Philanthropy and Conservation!

The Crypto industry is coming under mounting pressure to prove its green credentials, to reduce the environmental cost of its operation and give back to Mother Earth.

We bring you an NFT that does exactly that! “Rhino NFT” has all the upsides of Crypto trading and investment, promoting and rewarding the artists behind the NFT, as well as contributing to the conservation of our planet.

Will you join the revolution? Will you send this NFT to the moon, whilst also giving back to planet Earth?

“Rhino NFT” will be launched during Bitcoin2021, giving Bitcoin whales a chance to make the biggest splash!

The Lions share of funds raised from our NFT will go directly to fund the pioneering work of “Saving the Survivors” a wildlife conservation organization working across Africa and the rest will reward the people and artists behind the token.

Wildlife charities are challenged to raise funds through outdated methods, constantly asking for donations using the same old message, but we can revolutionize the funding of charitable work with Crypto philanthropy! Investing in Tokens like the Rhino NFT that will directly fund conservation.


“All of us at Saving the Survivors are extremely grateful to Eva, not only for her generosity, donating her own time and resources, but also for helping us engage the Space and Crypto communities through her Lady Rocket Foundation.”

“We are super excited about everything Eva has planned, the NFT that will fund our work, the contacts we are making in the Space industry to innovate and develop technologies in Wildlife conservation and the envisaged satellite company that will not only help track wildlife but will also share revenue to advance our work in the field. Eva is not our normal supporter, this is a relationship, a long and happy partnership.”


Tristan wood

Saving The Survivors


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