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From Los Angeles to New Delhi, and ...Space with Lady Rocket and Kamal Singh.

Lady Rocket Foundation expands plans in India.

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti's nomination for the US Ambassador to India provides an opportunity to support further our plan to establish Entrepreneurship, Space Inspiration, and Art initiative in New Delhi.

When I launched Lady Rocket Foundation, my goal included creating a unique program that blends my experience as a Space Entrepreneur, creator of new ventures, fashion creator, economist to help bring benefits of Space to our communities in a unique way in the US and Internationally This also includes Copernic Space, a unique platform to democratize the Space and Space economy.

My goal always included India. Its tradition, history, accomplishments in science and Space are represented by Vikram Sarabhai, its culture, diverse society, Bollywood. create especially synergy with my town Los Angeles. India is a natural Space partner for the US.

Kamal's presence and growing role in our activities in the US and India creates a special reason to take the next step.

Mayor Garcetti has been active and contributory to the Entrepreneurial community of Los Angeles. And his recent nomination for the US Ambassador in India creates a unique opportunity to introduce to him our plans, ad Space initiatives between New Delhi and India.

While also point out that Lady Rocket Foundation already established a track record of working with the US Los Angeles – New Delhi Embassies. I participated in many of his meetings and initiatives. Recently, since Corona 19 lessened in Los Angeles. I took part in some of the new sessions. My recent meeting in Pledge LA organized by Mayor Garcetti is perfectly timed for my completion of LA - New Delhi Lady Rocket plans.

They will start with the implementation of our Cosmeeters program, and the launch of our US- India Space News and Media.

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