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Lady Rocket will participate in a premier Art and Los Angeles Art community event.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Organized by iconic Los Angeles County Museum of Art with Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, and Michael Govan, Director of LACMA.

Lady Rocket is an active and innovative member of the Los Angeles Art community, sponsoring the integration of Space and Art, while also creating and producing independent Art and Fashion events as inspiration to increase interest and engagement in Space under the mantle of Lady Rocket Foundation, she dedicated herself to:

"Let's be better on Earth before landing on Mars."

After the coronavirus interruption, she celebrated the reopening of LACMA with a memorable event introducing her Art and Space NFTs with Julia Curylo's art. Lady Rocket's NFT plan is to provide LACMA and Lady Rocket Foundation with funding to take Art to the Hispanic and Black communities to inspire youth to discover their talents and interest in Space.

Join LACMA with Lady Rocket

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