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Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom, Lady Rocket Foundation and Copernic Space Present

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

“Space Art: Women of the Future”

(Lake Worth Beach, FL April 19, 2021) – Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom for is venue for "SpaceArt – Women of the Future“, an exclusive and unique event brought to you by the Lady Rocket Foundation and Copernic Space. Highlighting the emerging Space Art market and how new technology such as NFTs or non-fungible tokens are being used to empower them. Lady Rocket, aka Mrs. Eva Blaisdell- is a true female of the future, as a space entrepreneur, her foundation’s key mission is to ignite a passion for space within all ages through education, arts, media and space-related research. Celebrating the closing to our “Future is Female Exhibition- Women Artists of the Showroom, Mrs. Blaisdell will be unveiling one of our featured artists Ms. Danuta Rothschild’s very first NFT. Commemorating both Space and Earth, she represents a synergy with the Lady Rocket’s mission

"Let’s be better on Earth before we land on Mars".

This event will also feature an hour-long segment and panel discussion from 4pm-5pm dedicated to showcasing the revolution happening in how art is being valued, purchased, and owned through cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With digital artworks now selling for up to $70 million, this market is enabling artists to upload and sell their work more easily and securely than ever. Special guest speakers: Scott Diamant- CEO of Palm Beach Show Group and Founder of the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom, Eva Blaisdell- Founder of Copernic Space & Lady Rocket Foundation and California Space Center, Grant Blaisdell- Co-Founder & CEO of Copernic Space and Co-Founder of Confirm, will present and discuss about bridging the gap between Art, Space, and cryptocurrencies. Providing a unique opportunity for attendees to learn, interact and acquire works in the first ever Space Art NFT exhibition.

The name Lady Rocket Foundation was selected to attract, encourage, and inspire women, and minorities to space-relevant industries – including seeing themselves as founders, investors, and CEOs of new space ventures with equity ownership positions. Created by Eva Blaisdell aka Lady Rocket, the Foundation has created a series of youth, entrepreneurship, and cultural initiatives around the world, including the first art exhibition at the Vandenberg AFB SpaceX launch.

Copernic Space enables access to space assets such as satellite data, IP and software, and empowers public financing of the space economy. The single platform to acquire and manage space assets, Whether renting a satellite to fight a climate change event or financing a rover on the moon, Copernic Space will unlock the space economy and its benefits to millions around the world. A promoter of Space Art & Culture, Copernic Space is launching the first Space Art NFT gallery and will speak at the event at the unique opportunity at the crossroads of space, art, and blockchain.

Join us for this Red Carpet Event on Thursday April 29th, 2021 from 4pm-7pm. Exclusive Panel Discussion from 4pm-5pm. VIP guests and clients will also have the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the guest speakers and artist Danuta Rothschild.

In an effort to welcome guests and clients back safely, COVID19 protocols are in place for social distancing and masks or face coverings are required in this facility.

Meet our Panelists:

Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket, is a Space maverick, investor, 3rd generation Space entrepreneur and a unique sponsor of Artists on Earth and in Space! She is a co-founder of Copernic Space, and a former Silicon Valley senior executive of HP - Compaq. As a creative sponsor of Arts and Space philanthropists, she dedicates her Space passion, knowledge, experience and collaboration with NASA to champion Art and Space as an integrated human endeavor. She supports renown artists as well as young artists, and communities through her Lady Rocket Foundation. She lives in Los Angeles, and is an active member of the media, film, Art, Space, and technology communities.

Grant Blaisdell has been creating ventures at the intersection of new technologies between the US and Europe since his late teens. An early innovator in applying blockchain technology to various industries, the companies Grant has founded include the leading Blockchain Analytics and AML company, Confirm, and the platform for digital Space assets and companies, Copernic Space. The 3rd generation in his family to be involved in space and the arts, Grant is also the President of the Lady Rocket Foundation and the music artist known as GB Savant.

Scott Diament- Originally from New York City, Scott Diament attended Florida Atlantic University where he graduated at the age of 20 with a degree in Small Business Management/Finance. Diament is also a Graduate Gemologist from the G.I.A. In 1993, he founded Provident Jewelry, with business partner Robert Samuels and since have expanded the Provident Jewelry business in South Florida to include 7 locations. In 2001, with the assistance of two partners, Diament founded the Palm Beach Show Group, an events organization that produces shows throughout the year in the categories of Jewelry, Art & Antiques. Scott Diament has founded many additional business ventures including the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom, Provident Fine Art and Market Auctions.










About the Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom

ART SHOULD BE CELEBRATED! Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom is pleased to present year-round exhibitions, pop-ups and events. The showroom features a carefully curated selection of galleries and design studios representing a broad range of collectables across all eras, mediums and disciplines. Browse our luxury showroom for a diversity of fine art, antiques, sculpture, glass and design objects from a wide range of domestic and international galleries.

Our 25,000 square foot showroom offers a unique experience for collectors, designers, curators, art aficionados and the everyday consumer. Extending the boundaries of meaningful art exhibitions and fostering a public engagement in our community.

As a Show Group Venture, The Palm Beach Show Group is committed to creating environments to grow dealer and collector relationships through pleasant experiences, networking opportunities and powerful marketing campaigns.

For more information, visit


Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom

500 N Dixie Hwy

Lake Worth, FL 33460

Showroom Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm.

For More Information:

Angelica Sua, Executive Director

Paola Sanchez, Associate Director

Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom

Phone: 561-229-0046

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