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Eric Garcetti invited Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket and other STEM women champions to join him.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, invited Eva Blaisdell, aka Lady Rocket, to join him in the inaugural event and workshop addressing Los Angeles women leaders in STEM.

Lady Rocket, aka Eva Blaisdell, has championed access to STEM among the Hispanic and Black communities, and women by introducing them to Space and STEM through her innovative Art, Music, and Fashion events. Events include her appearances as Lady Rocket expressing STEM to inspire and encourage women and make it relevant to their dreams. She is paying particular attention to the Lompoc, CA community, which, although next to Vandenberg AFB, lacks ongoing community resources and STEM initiatives. Together with Susan Coupland, a Lompoc educator, the programs integrate participation in ULA, and SpaceX rocket launches, benefitting from elements of Lady Rocket entertainment and Los Angeles celebrity visits to ignite a passion for Space and Science! Lady Rocket Foundation takes principles of the US STEM program and introduces it in countries like Poland, Lithuania, France using her STEM, Inspiration, ART educational platform Cosmeeters. Lady Rocket STEM "Astro Chic" is bringing to STEM new women, frequently left behind.

Women in STEM & Negotiation Workshop

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